Zoe Knorre

Clinical psychologist and CEO of Grace Homestead

2022 QLD Local Hero Nominee

After witnessing the struggle of parents suffering from substance use disorder while trying to care for their children, Dr Zoe Knorre recognised that Australia wasn’t adequately responding to the drug and alcohol crisis.

She began a two-year journey of planning and petitioning to open a rehabilitation centre that catered for women with children in their care. This led to the launch of Grace Homestead in 2018.

Located in the Lockyer Valley, Grace Homestead is a residential drug and alcohol rehabilitation centre. It meets at the junction between treatment for alcohol and drugs and child protection.

Zoe has changed many lives for the better through her work. Run by a group of volunteers and without funding, Grace Homestead is giving mothers and their children a second chance at life.

Outside of Grace Homestead, Zoe runs her own practice as a clinical psychologist, drawing on her experience from working in public, private and academic settings. She is currently working on a child protection research project.