Will Smith

Social justice activist

2020 TAS Young Australian of the Year

Police officer Will Smith's desire to help disadvantaged young people has taken him from local football clubs in Launceston to the Lebanese and Syrian border.

From age 15, Will has been involved with the Edmund Rice camps, which provide holiday camps and other activities for disadvantaged students.

As a police officer in training, he organised the now ongoing partnership between the Police Academy and the Eddy Rice program, where cadets and disadvantaged young people share camps, breaking down barriers on both sides.

Joining Deloraine Football Club, Will organised a successful camping experience with the club and young refugees, to help create mutual understanding. He then set up the JCP Empowering Youth program, enabling successful leaders to help improve the lives of young people, through school, leadership and community programs.

An extraordinary man with a burning passion for social justice and empowering young people, Will also travelled to Lebanon to help isolated young Syrian refugees by setting up soccer competitions.