Vince Coulthard

Indigenous elder

2015 SA Local Hero

A proud Adnyamathanha man, Vince Coulthard began working for his people at a time when genuine bravery and personal fortitude were required.  Vince honed his strong advocacy skills at a very early age when he accompanied his grandfather to land rights meetings.  Later, as Chairperson of the Adnyamathanha Traditional Lands Association, Vince led the development of South Australia’s first Native Title claim over the Flinders Ranges, which was awarded in 2009.  Director of Umeewarra Aboriginal Media Service in Port Augusta for two decades, Vince protects and conserves the cultural identity of his people and has fulfilled many leadership positions, including nine years as a regional councillor for the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Commission.  At the heart of Vince’s philosophy is the recognition of the dignity and worth of every human being.  A man of quiet dignity, personal warmth, extensive knowledge, unparalleled personal initiative and unwavering courage, Vince has enriched the lives not only of his own community, but of all Australians.