Tom Oliver

Activist for people with autism in the justice system

WA Nominee Young Australian of the Year 2022

As a 20 year old with autism, Tom Oliver is dedicated to helping the vulnerable, the incarcerated and people in the autistic community.

A passionate advocate for people with autism caught up in the justice system, in March 2021, Tom presented a TEDx talk on the topic. He then worked with lawyers across Australia and globally, sharing his presentation and inspiring them to care about this very important issue.

In a recent case, Tom’s involvement helped ensure a person with autism received a non-custodial sentence and therapy rather than 15 years imprisonment – not only helping the individual but other autistic and neurodiverse people.

Tom has been the recipient of scholarships and awards, including a David Goldstone Scholarship in 2021, and the Dean's Letter of Commendation in 2019. On top of that, Tom lectures at Curtin University, volunteers as a mentor, speaker, and ambassador for CoderDojo WA, a not-for-profit reaching thousands of autistic young people, and plans to open a law firm dedicated to helping people with autism in the justice system.