Toby Hendy

Science communicator, Youtuber and filmmaker

2024 QLD Young Australian of the Year Nominee

Toby Hendy is an award-winning science communicator who brings physics, mathematics and astronomy to millions. 

A keen science student, Toby’s love of science entertainment on TV and YouTube led her to start her own channel in 2011, at age 15. It took five years for the channel, Tibees, to reach 100 subscribers. Today, it has over 1.1 million – and her videos have been watched more than 130 million times. 

While Toby studied at university, she continued with her YouTube channel and completed other extracurricular projects that celebrate STEM and bring science and mathematics to the wider community. Eventually, Toby decided to put her PhD on hold to focus on the success and educational reach of her YouTube channel.  

In 2022 Toby released Finding X, a stop-motion short film that she co-created and produced. The award-winning film tells the story of X looking for meaning in a mathematical world.