Thomas King

Environmental activist

2015 VIC Young Australian of the Year

At age 13, Thomas King became a real life hero in the campaign against unsustainable palm oil. After learning about the detrimental environmental and social impacts of palm oil development in Borneo and Sumatra, Thomas created an online resource to help consumers avoid unsustainable palm oil in everything from cosmetics to cleaning products. Today, educates over half a million visitors annually from 180 countries around the world.  Having raised more than $25,000 towards rainforest safeguard projects and wildlife centres across South-East Asia, Thomas now holds leadership roles in various campaigns focused on environmental, animal rights and humanitarian advocacy.  Now 18, and an articulate, engaging and charismatic public speaker, Thomas volunteers for Oaktree, Australian Teens Against Animal Cruelty and the Jane Goodall Institute as a change‐maker in environmental preservation, animal protection and poverty eradication. A talented young journalist and award-winning filmmaker, Thomas has a passion for film and photography and uses this to communicate his message to a global audience.