Steven Fordham

Co-founder, Blackroo Community Indigenous Corporation

2024 NSW Local Hero Nominee

Proud Kamilaroi man Steven Fordham is fuelled by the desire to help Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people who’ve been in prison avoid returning there.  

The co-founder of Blackroo Community Indigenous Corporation, Steven is helping reduce Indigenous recidivism through training and education.  

He collaborates with local educational institutions and vocational training centres to give Indigenous people the skills they need to find employment.  

Steven also helps former inmates develop community ties and a sense of belonging by promoting positive family relationships and cultural pride.  

He advocates for culturally appropriate counselling and therapy services to address trauma and help participants heal. 

Through Steven’s Second Chance for Change program, more than 160 men have found meaningful pathways to a life after prison. 

Steven, who has dyslexia, taught himself to read after leaving school. He co-founded and manages the multimillion-dollar construction and mining support firm, Blackrock Industries, in the Hunter Valley.