Sister Brigid Arthur

Asylum seeker activist

2022 VIC Senior Australian of the Year Nominee

Sister Brigid Arthur is a tenacious fighter for the rights of some of our community’s most vulnerable members. Brigid is part of the Brigidine order of nuns, who have been engaged in education and social justice in Victoria since 1886.

Brigid taught for many years in the western suburbs of Melbourne, where she lived among new migrants, refugees and asylum seekers, learning about the difficulties that many faced. In 2001, she was a founding member of the Brigidine Asylum Seekers Project, providing practical support to asylum seekers, including emergency funds, food and housing. 

Brigid is a former long-term board member of the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre and a litigation guardian for young Indigenous people and young people seeking climate action. Her support for many asylum seekers who need a representative in Federal Court matters has helped them obtain critical, urgent care in Australia.

With patience, courage and compassion, Brigid continues to care for asylum seekers embodying the motto of the Brigidine Asylum Seekers Project: ‘Strength and kindness’.