Sean Dondas

Former Board Director at CanTeen

2022 ACT Young Australian of the Year

Sean Dondas has been an integral member of CanTeen’s leadership team, first as a Local Youth Leadership Group member, then secretary, vice president and president in Western Australia. He later joined the national Youth Advisory Team, before being appointed a director on CanTeen’s board in 2015.

Sean joined the organisation in 2008 at age 14 after his mother’s terminal cancer diagnosis. She passed away a year later, leaving him and his two younger brothers as wards of the state.

He’s spent the past 13 years helping many young people in similar situations cope with a cancer diagnosis in their family and been a staunch advocate for young people’s needs. His input has helped shape decisions on a range of vital strategies, including clinical trials, youth cancer services, community-based support, and an online support community and counselling service.

Sean has a keen interest in public policy and economics. In 2019, he moved to Canberra and now works as a senior policy officer with the Attorney-General’s Department.