Samantha Krollig

Rural community builder

2008 SA Local Hero

Samantha Krollig lives in the small South Australian rural community of Bowhill. She understands the importance of teamwork in sharing the workload and strengthening the social and economic capacity of her community, especially when times are tough. Samantha epitomises the strength of character of Australia’s many remote rural communities. Just two examples: On seeing the need for support for a local mothers and babies group to provide support and encouragement, Samantha formed the Bowhill Kids & Coffee Parent Group, which offered a welcoming forum to openly discuss concerns, find support and friendship, and learn new mothercraft skills. When the tennis clubroom burnt down three years ago, Samantha led the way in getting it rebuilt as a community hall costing $250,000. It’s nearly finished – and debt free due to her fundraising skills. Because of the friendships forged through Samantha’s efforts, there are many who no longer face isolation and loneliness.