Sajini Sumar

Migrant advocate and co-founder, Multicultural Women’s Council of Tasmania

2024 TAS Senior Australian of the Year Nominee

Sajini Sumar has championed the cause of migrant and culturally diverse women in Tasmania for decades, giving a voice to groups that are often silenced.  

Having lived and worked around the world as a registered nurse, Sajini has used her lived experience and cultural understanding to assist, support and advocate for migrant women. 

She’s helped new migrants develop networks and delivered school workshops to promote cross-cultural understanding and harmony.  

In 2005, she co-founded the Multicultural Women’s Council of Tasmania as a platform to develop and support women – and she’s still lobbying and advocating for positive change.  

Due to her outstanding work, Sajini has been a recipient of many community awards, including being inducted into the Honour Roll of Women in 2005 for her service to multicultural affairs. 

In 2012, this ‘champion of multiculturalism’ was selected as a People of Australia ambassador to help promote multiculturalism and provide feedback to the Federal Government.