Ross Sharman

Wildlife rescuer

2007 QLD Local Hero

Ross Sharman never says no to any animal needing help, regardless of the hour and whatever the weather. The work of wildlife carers quickly wears thin by the long, unpaid hours and out of pocket expenses. But for around twenty years Ross has never fl inched, always being there to collect an injured animal, nurse it back to health, and release it when it is ready. As a volunteer wildlife officer in the Caboolture district, Ross spends seven days a week rescuing, caring for, raising, and relocating wildlife back into their environment. He has an open licence to handle all types of animals, birdlife, and reptiles and is often called on by police to help animals injured on the roads. He has travelled many thousands of kilometres and spent many sleepless nights caring for his charges, great and small, because he believes that all animals have a right to share our planet.