Professor Patricia Easteal

Human rights advocate

2010 ACT Australian of the Year

Over the past 20 years Professor Patricia Easteal has made an outstanding contribution to the advancement of human rights and justice in Australia, highlighting equity issues in the law, courts, tribunals, prisons and policing. Through her research, writing, teaching and advocacy she identifies injustices, combats discrimination and counters human rights violations. Her work has had a powerful impact on law reform, policy, and the community especially in the area of violence against women. Professor Easteal has courageously discussed her own history of violence as part of her passionate and inspiring message to victims about the importance of disclosing, healing and reporting and has served as a volunteer on numerous government committees and women’s services.

Her newest book on women and the law is a milestone in the pursuit of justice and equity for all Australians. As Professor of Law at the University of Canberra she was recently awarded one of the Australian Learning and Teaching Council’s most prestigious teaching prizes for excellence.