Professor Linda Reaby

Breast cancer awareness pioneer

2008 ACT Senior Australian of the Year

From when she was diagnosed with breast cancer in 1990, Linda Reaby dedicated her professional career to raising public awareness of the condition and funding for breast cancer research. She wrote the proposal for Australia’s Breast Cancer Day and lobbied extensively for political support for what has become a major national annual event since 1994. Due to Linda’s tremendous efforts, breast cancer is now in the national arena of public attention and receiving more funding for research and public education. Linda has a remarkable record of securing competitive grants – more than $8 million, including one for making higher degrees more accessible to working nurses. As a breast cancer survivor, nurse educator, and academic, Linda developed a decision-making model for health professionals to ascertain whether women are making informed decisions about their treatment alternatives. Linda has published extensively in international scientific journals and presented papers at national and international conferences.