Professor Frank Billson AO

Ophthalmologist and humanitarian

NSW State recipient Senior Australian of the Year 2006

Professor Billson is a pioneer in saving the eyesight of premature babies. As Foundation Professor of Ophthalmology since 1978, he has been Director of the Save Sight Institute, University of Sydney since 1985. He is the director of the Lions NSW Eye Bank and a staff member of the Sydney Eye Hospital. Frank's enthusiasm and leadership can be seen in his international contributions, including his training work in Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, India, China, PNG, East Timor and Solomon Islands. Frank believes that the developed world has a duty to help the rest to overcome diseases that have largely been eradicated in the West and that this can best be achieved by the simple transfer of skills and knowledge. Frank is an inspirational role model to his students and colleagues and a great comfort to his patients. His work has saved the sight and quality of life of thousands.