Professor Bruce Robinson AM

Cancer researcher

2014 WA Australian of the Year

A world leader in the study of asbestos related cancers, Professor Bruce Robinson’s work will affect millions of people for decades to come.  Bruce leads a large research team at the University of Western Australia’s School of Medicine and Pharmacology which is studying cancer immunology and asbestos diseases, and Bruce and his team have been responsible for many world-first breakthroughs, including the first blood test for mesothelioma.  His care for thousands of asbestos victims and their families extends well beyond the laboratory.  After establishing medical clinics focused on patients’ emotional and physical needs, Bruce initiated the highly successful Breaking Bad News course to help doctors with difficult conversations.  Bruce is also a vocal advocate for fathering, and has produced a number of books and DVDs, and directs the Fathering Project at the University of Western Australia which aims to connect children with father figures.  A passionate volunteer who has donated many hours of service to rural Indonesian medical clinics, Bruce’s personal philosophy is to turn compassion into action.