Phaik See (Cecilia) Chuah

Community volunteer

2022 VIC Local Hero Nominee

One night in May 2020, Phaik See Chuah (Cecilia) was delivering meals for her Malaysian food business when she noticed some homeless people sitting in the Queen Victoria Market car park. She went home, began cooking and drove back to give four containers of fried rice to them.

Since that day, Cecilia leaves her work every Tuesday afternoon to go home and cook meals before handing them out to the homeless at 6.30pm at the Queen Victoria Market car park. Her meals feed around 100 people every week, most of whom affectionately know her as ‘Cece’.

Cecilia is not associated with any church or charitable organisation, but simply acts out of the goodness of her heart. To provide the weekly service, she gathers a group of friends who volunteer out of a genuine desire to help the most vulnerable in the community.

Cecilia, with the help of her team, aims to continue providing this service while continuing to work full-time and care for her two children.