Peter Fletcher

Youth campaigner

NT State recipient Local Hero 2013

Born and raised in the small community of Ngukurr, 330 kilometres south-east of Katherine, Peter Fletcher is forging a career aimed at improving the lives of the people who live in this remote part of Australia. Only 24 years old, Peter has already completed a double degree in criminology and psychology. Using this knowledge, he works with local police to help build more positive relationships with young people and in particular to curb binge drinking. It is no surprise that Peter has chosen to settle in the Northern Territory as his mother has been involved in remote area health for more than 30 years. Peter is dedicated to empowering Aboriginal people to make positive change in their lives. He doesn’t underestimate the challenges faced in remote communities but takes a ‘one day at a time’ approach. While he understands that huge generational and attitudinal shifts are required to deliver positive change, he is heartened by the small improvements he sees every day.