Paul Walker

Veteran, mental health speaker and photographer

2022 NT Local Hero Nominee

Australian Army veteran and mental health speaker Paul Walker inspires others with his compassionate approach to explaining the mental wounds of post-traumatic stress disorder and depression. Paul also speaks to and mentors at-risk youth.

A descendent of the Waanyi people (covering the border of the Northern Territory and Queensland) and Walker clan from Scotland, Paul was once a homeless teen with substance abuse issues. He overcame great adversity to work on his health and mindset, successfully joining the army and going on to become a well-respected soldier.  

On Paul’s second overseas deployment in December 2000, Operation Tanager, he came under fire by what became known as the Indonesian Special Forces in East Timor. Paul saved a fellow soldier shot in the leg and was later honourably discharged on medical grounds.  

Paul has previously worked as a community worker and financial counsellor. Over the past five years in the Big Rivers region, he has given his time freely to help others, including helping to evacuate remote communities during Cyclone Trevor.