Paul Hosking

Founder of HOPE at St Paul’s Kitchen

2022 TAS Local Hero Nominee

A much-loved identity in Tasmania’s Devonport, Paul Hosking has made a huge impact on thousands of lives since founding the not-for-profit venue, HOPE at St Paul's Kitchen.

Established in 2014, the kitchen is not government funded but runs purely on the generosity of locals. Paul cooks hundreds of meals every week for those who drop by, and he works with schools, community groups, and people who are less fortunate across Devonport.

He’s continued to play an active role in the venue, even after a tongue cancer diagnosis in 2019 required surgery to remove five centimetres of his tongue and some lymph nodes. In his absence, Paul shaved off his trademark beard to fundraise $4,000 to ease the financial burden on the kitchen and keep it afloat.

Paul is regarded in the community as ‘one-of-a-kind’ – someone who goes above and beyond in the name of helping others, regardless of their place in life. Devonport would be a very different place without him.