Patricia Mowbray OAM

Disability champion

2014 ACT Local Hero

Few people have the compassion and commitment to adopt one child with special needs, much less four.  But for Patricia Mowbray, her chosen career in the disability sector has become her life’s work.  After training as a special education teacher, Trish and her husband Glenn learned they could not have children biologically, and decided to offer their love to a child with a disability.  The couple adopted Luke, who was born with Down syndrome, and Trish gave up full time work to care for their new son.  Shortly after, they added to the brood with Peter and Paul, who also have Down syndrome, and Emmalee, who had a medical condition which has since been resolved.  Along with raising her children, Trish has worked as a volunteer in various community organisations, and more recently as a disability projects officer.  While she admits life has its challenging moments, Trish says her children have taught her patience, resilience and to focus on the unique gifts that reside within us all.