Nikhil Autar

Researcher and founder, Bheem Health

2024 NSW Young Australian of the Year

Diagnosed with leukaemia at the age of 17, Nikhil Autar has undergone chemotherapy, bone marrow transplants, open heart surgery and survives a life-threatening chronic illness.  

As a cancer survivor who understands the importance of access for people with disability, Nikhil created Knia Maps – ‘Know In Advance Maps’ – which has plotted accessibility at major Sydney hospitals, universities, public venues and transport, plus hundreds of small businesses.  

Nikhil also founded Bheem Health, a social enterprise that provides low-cost medical devices for sick and vulnerable people. 

His first device, BheemUP, allows any bed to convert into a hospital bed. He’s now developing BheemSense, the world's first sensor mat that tracks sleep phases and helps minimise pressure sores.  

Medical student Nikhil has raised almost $500,000 for pressure sore and medical device research

A blogger, disability advocate and motivational speaker, his diverse and inclusive hiring practices have given migrants, people with disabilities and student engineers their first jobs.