Neil Davis

Keynote speaker and co-founder, Sammy D Foundation

2023 SA Local Hero Nominee

Sam Davis was 17 when he said goodbye to his mum and dad and went out to a party on 3 May 2008. The next day he was gone, killed in a one-punch attack. 

Sam’s father, Neil Davis, co-founded the Sammy D Foundation with the aim of trying to ensure no more innocent lives are lost to violence.  

The Sammy D Foundation provides one-on-one mentoring for young people at risk of offending and anti-violence education programs. One school more than halved violent incidents after it started working with the organisation. 

Responding to an increase in violence at junior sporting events, Neil and the Foundation developed a violence prevention program that’s being delivered in clubs across South Australia.  

Neil tells his story about four times a week and has reached more than 180,000 people in schools, sporting clubs and the juvenile justice system.  

Neil’s message is simple: violence is never the answer.