Nedd Brockmann

Runner and ambassador for people experiencing homelessness

2024 NSW Young Australian of the Year Nominee

When Nedd Brockmann moved to Sydney from the New South Wales’ country town of Forbes, he was shocked at how many people were without homes and living on the street – and how normalised it seemed to be. 

An electrician who had just started running, Nedd decided to take action.  

In 2022, Nedd ran across Australia from Perth’s Cottesloe Beach to Sydney’s Bondi Beach to raise awareness about homelessness – and make money for people experiencing it. 

Nedd completed the run in just 47 days, covering an average 86km a day, and was the fastest Australian at the time to run across the country. More than 10,000 people were there when Nedd reached Bondi Beach. 

Nedd’s run raised $2.5 million for homelessness charity Mobilise. With the money, Mobilise started ‘Nedd’s Kickstart Scholarship’, a program aimed at offering employment, direct cash transfers, and ongoing support including housing and financial counselling to people at risk of homelessness.