Myra Fordham

Leadership and confidence coach, public speaker and author

2023 NT Young Australian of the Year Nominee

It takes great courage to leave a violent partner. It takes even more courage to channel that experience to help others in similar situations.

In 2016, Myra Fordham suffered a severe brain injury resulting from domestic abuse by her boyfriend at the time. She underwent surgery and was placed in an induced coma for 11 days.

Myra had to learn to walk and talk again and overcome PTSD, anxiety and depression. The cognitive impairment and pain linked to her injury made it difficult for her to find employment.

Myra, a proud Malijin Gurindji woman, is now a public speaker, an internationally best-selling author and founder of Myra Fordham Coaching. She supports female entrepreneurs to conquer self-doubt and unleash the leader within by healing the past.

Myra’s journey is a true testimony of power, endurance and healing, and her footprint is expanding globally.