Mrs Kathleen Mills


NT State recipient Senior Australian of the Year 2006

Kathleen Mills is a part of a large, achieving family who are immensely proud of their inheritance as First Australians. Kath is revered not only as the mother of the popular Northern Territory musicians, the Mills Sisters, but also as a custodian of the 'the old way of life' in Darwin. She keeps musical traditions alive and, as a contemporary songwriter, has the rare gift of telling a story precisely and simply. Her song Arafura Pearl is listed officially as an icon by the NT Heritage Society. Kath has been tireless in working towards better relationships between Indigenous and other Australians. She is always available to present a balanced, mature point of view and is held in high esteem in all sections of the NT community. Kath is a member of countless committees, yet she is always able to find time to do good deeds, to encourage others, and to promote a better society.