Molly Fergus

Foster carer and foster care advocate

2023 VIC Young Australian of the Year Nominee

Molly Fergus sacrificed many of the fun things her peers were doing at the age of 22 to become a foster mother to kids with complex needs.

She’s fostered 36 vulnerable children in the six years since, from newborns to teenagers to high-need infants, and is having a significant effect on their lives.

Often juggling more than one child, Molly even takes on emergency care of children with little or no warning.

Molly became a foster mum while working full-time as an early childhood education and disability carer. She began with kids in respite and hospital-in-the-home programs, providing help at the most challenging times, including palliative care, seizure support and resuscitation.

She resigned from this work in late 2022 to focus her care on a foster child requiring around-the-clock help.

Previously a volunteer for the state’s Country Fire Authority, Molly is currently studying nursing and a volunteer for Victoria’s State Emergency Service.