Michael Smith

Youth worker

2007 TAS Young Australian of the Year

Even at this young age, Michael Smith has already given fi ve years of voluntary work for his community, including working at a nursing home. He served as a member of the Tasmanian Youth Consultative Committee, the state’s peak body for youth participation. This group of fi fteen young people met regularly to consult, inform, and act on youth issues. Michael was also a facilitator for the Festival of Dreams program, helping young people fulfi l their dreams through a weekend of guidance, mentorship, and self-help. Since leaving the program he has trained other young people in facilitation skills to carry on his role in the program. He also helped to host a State-wide youth forum aimed at connecting youth to the services available in their area. Currently Michael is travelling around Australia motivating and encouraging youth to take part in the Vocational Education and Training course. His nominators for this award agree that Michael has a real passion for the youth of his community while also caring about older people. He is a young man of high energy and commitment – a leader and role model.