Michael Barrenger


2022 TAS Senior Australian of the Year Nominee

Michael Barrenger has more than left his mark on the Tasmanian town of George Town since moving there in 1984. For almost four decades, he’s been a paramedic with Ambulance Tasmania.

Originally joining the ambulance service in Launceston, a six-month trial in George Town turned into 37 years when he landed a full-time role. Throughout his career, Michael has delivered around 30 babies, three of whom were born in one 48-hour period. He was also called to the fatal heart attack of journalist Richard Carleton during the Beaconsfield mine collapse in 2006.

As well as regularly offering his skills as a paramedic, Michael has contributed locally to Rotary, APEX, the Tasmanian State Emergency Service and George Town RSL.

As a result of his contributions, it would be hard to find anyone in George Town who has not had their life positively impacted by Michael in some way. Everyone knows and respects him for all he has done for the community.