Meredith Batey


2023 NT Young Australian of the Year Nominee

Meredith Batey is the first podiatrist employed by Danila Dilba Health Service in Darwin. She provides an essential service to more than 700 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander patients.

Outside of Alice Springs, no other Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Service employs a podiatrist, relying on visiting services.

First Nations Australians are disproportionately at risk of health issues, including diabetes-related foot complications.

Meredith’s patients say they feel heard. She has been able to increase access to her service by working out of several established clinics in the Greater Darwin Region, meaning patients can get the care they need early, without presenting to a hospital.

She has more than tripled the number of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander patients receiving podiatric care within the greater Darwin region; assisted with reducing the number of diabetic-related foot complications; and made her patients feel more comfortable within a culturally safe service.