Melissa Redsell OAM

Founder, A Brave Life

2023 QLD Local Hero

Melissa had been coping with a dysfunctional family life when she became pregnant at 16. Despite constantly being told her life was over, Melissa finished high school when she was seven months pregnant.  

She had very limited family support and struggled to buy essentials but worked hard. Melissa attended university as a single parent with a one-year-old in tow and became a registered nurse and midwife.   

Working in healthcare, she recognised the need for better support for teenage and young mothers. 

She started gifting newborn essentials to young mums who were struggling. Within 12 months, she’d started A Brave Life. The charity supports young mothers dealing with domestic violence, poverty, trauma, relationship breakdowns, unplanned pregnancy and homelessness. 

It provides essentials such as baby supplies, emotional nurturing and paths to education and employment.  

By mid-2022, Melissa had delivered more than 8,000 baby bundle care packages.