Matthew Hull

Suicide prevention ambassador

2023 NT Australian of the Year Nominee

Matthew Hull saw first-hand growing up in a mining family the lack of understanding and empathy for people working in construction, mining and fly-in fly-out jobs.

He witnessed mental health issues that impacted families and people who lost mates to suicide.

So, he made it his life-long mission to help. MATES In Construction is a peer reviewed, industry-backed charity working on reducing suicide rates. The evidence-based community intervention program was featured in a World Health Organization global resource as an example of best practice.

Matthew is contacted by men and women from far and wide seeking help and sometimes immediate intervention. He supports those with acute suicidality and other life situations, and where needed, connects workers and their families to relevant services for ongoing support.

Matthew’s dedication has seen MATES in Construction grow into many work sites in the Northern Territory and into Queensland, with multiple lives saved.