Marigold White

Co-founder, Uniity

2023 SA Local Hero Nominee

As a migrant, Marigold White understands the emotional and practical difficulties that come with not having family close-by. 

When she moved to Australia in the early 1990s, she missed family back in Ireland. By chance, she befriended an older woman. The two enriched each other’s lives and became like family, despite being unconnected by blood or marriage. 

Now Marigold helps other people form family-style social connection, those that include different generations. The not-for-profit she co-founded, Uniity, is driven by empathy and the emotional importance – and health benefits – of making people feel valued and needed. 

It offers opportunities for people to get to know each other through sharing interests, skills and experiences, regardless of age, personal circumstances or background.  

Participants say Uniity gives them a greater sense of belonging, purpose and positive wellbeing. 

Marigold supports community members to connect socially and to lead activities with confidence. She hopes to see Uniity expand its impact nationwide.