Margaret Hoban

Founder of the Launceston Youth and Community Orchestra

2022 TAS Senior Australian of the Year Nominee

Margaret Hoban is an inspiration to thousands of people in the field of music. She has single-handedly raised the profile of community music in Launceston, thanks to her enthusiasm and high-calibre teaching expertise.

Margaret moved to Australia from the US in the early 1970s, as part of the Victorian Teacher Selection Program to fill shortfalls of qualified teachers. She intended to stay a year but, almost 50 years later, she’s still in Launceston – now as an Australian citizen.

Margaret has always fought hard against elitism in music. She exemplifies her belief in the benefits of music for all by always helping people strive to be their absolute best.

At the age of 70, Margaret shows no signs of slowing down. She still goes backpacking and on bushwalks, often leaving her much younger companions in her wake. She’s also taken on a young person as a conducting mentee, so that she can eventually "pass the baton" when the time comes.