Malcolm McCusker AO QC

Philanthropic barrister

2011 WA Australian of the Year

Malcolm McCusker has a passion for social justice and is committed to helping those less fortunate than himself. From humble beginnings, Malcolm has reached the highest pinnacle of the legal profession as Queen’s Counsel, and is the most senior practising QC in Western Australia. For many years Malcolm has worked to improve the lives of Australian people, championing community causes and encouraging others to recognise the importance of giving back to Australia. His charity work has been prolific and covered all areas of need. He has donated in excess of $20 million and provided many hours of volunteer service, making a significant difference to over 100 organisations and a multitude of individuals. His philanthropic goal of educating and encouraging Australians to give back to their community is unique in its approach. After identifying a community need Malcolm encourages partnerships and collaborations from corporate and private stakeholders, then develops a strategy to best effect change. In this way he provides leadership, mentoring, strategic advice and support while ensuring the project’s sustainability.