Maggie Beer AO

Cook and restaurateur

2010 Senior Australian of the Year

Maggie Beer is an Australian culinary icon whose passion for food brings joy to many Australians. Maggie's focus is on using seasonal ingredients and educating people to make informed food choices. To this end she opened the famed Pheasant Farm Restaurant in 1979. Maggie and her husband ran it for just short of 15 years, winning a host of prestigious awards, before moving on to focus on producing gourmet foods.

In 1996, Maggie opened an export kitchen for the production of preservative-free gourmet foods for the national and international market, and in 1999 she returned to the original site of the Pheasant Farm and, having come full circle, re-opened Maggie Beer's Farm Shop. She has written seven books, with Maggie's Harvest winning the Australian Publishers Association’s Illustrated Book of the Year. She also co-hosted the ABC cooking program, The Cook and the Chef, and works with Stephanie Alexander to promote the Kitchen Garden Foundation. Maggie Beer hopes that through sharing her love of food she will inspire Australians to reconnect with food and appreciate what we eat.