Lorna Cook

Co-founder, Chemo@home

2024 WA Australian of the Year Nominee

Lorna Cook is an exceptional nurse, advocate, entrepreneur and innovator.  

As co-founder of Chemo@home, Lorna – alongside her business partner – has made it possible for patients receiving chemotherapy, to have their treatments at home.  

Despite facing initial resistance and gender discrimination, this now national health service has won multiple awards and provides about 85 per cent of Australia's home infusions. It eases the stress of travel and improves the experience for patients receiving chemotherapy.   

Lorna collaborates with other healthcare professionals, researchers and policymakers to advocate for the integration of home-based chemotherapy services within the broader healthcare system. She regularly attends conferences and engages with the media about the value of providing more compassionate, patient-centred cancer care. 

A graduate of the Edith Cowan University, Lorna completed her studies as a single mother and has a Master of Nursing, an MBA and is the current Edith Cowan University Alumni of the Year.