Laura Johnson

Youth mental health advocate

2022 TAS Young Australian of the Year Nominee

After recognising that many people experience delays and a lack of treatment options when seeking help for mental health conditions, Laura Johnson decided to act. She started a petition to improve youth mental health resources in Tasmania’s north-west.

The petition, sent to parliament with 700-plus signatures, highlights a mental health services crisis. Through her campaigning, Laura has called for increased investment in the training of specialist mental health professionals, broader access to education and improved facilities for treatment.

Laura also created the community event THEIRS, which stands for Talk, Hear and Help, Educate, Inform, Refer and Support. Its aim is to help people notice the signs of someone struggling so they can help.

Laura is involved in fundraising projects with organisations like the Cancer Council and World’s Greatest Shave, and she contributed to a documentary that highlights her hometown’s achievement in overcoming a methamphetamine problem.

Through her tireless work and advocacy, Laura is a leading figure in improving mental health services for young people in Tasmania.