Kyle Bambra

Indigenous mentor

2022 NT Young Australian of the Year Nominee

Arnhem Land’s Kyle Bambra is a living example that challenges don’t have to be barriers to achieving your dreams.

As a teenager, Kyle disliked school and was disengaged in class. One of his teachers referred him to a healing camp run by a non-profit organisation called the Balunu Foundation. The experience had a profound effect on Kyle, who ended up finishing Year 12.

Kyle now mentors Indigenous youth as part of the Balunu Foundation. He encourages them to give back to their communities, while teaching them about their culture and about choosing the right path in life.

Although he still has difficulties with reading and writing, Kyle is now completing a hairdressing traineeship, and is one of the best students in his course. He’s already using his new skills to give back; travelling to remote communities and volunteering with not-for-profit organisations and charities to cut and colour hair for free.

Kyle received the One Rail Indigenous Achievement Award in 2021 at the Northern Territory Young Achiever Awards.