Kurt Gruber

Co-founder, Worldview Foundation and WV Technologies

2024 ACT Australian of the Year Nominee

Kurt Gruber has dedicated his life to creating positive change for many. 

Kurt co-founded the charity Worldview Foundation in 2018. The organisation helps Indigenous people, particularly 17- to 24-year-olds, to overcome disadvantage, build stable lives and become job-ready and prosperous.  

Worldview combines holistic wrap-around support with employment and training opportunities in the group’s social enterprises, as well as externally.  

Kurt also co-founded the national social enterprise WV Technologies, a highly certified IT disposals and e-waste recycling firm that won Supply Nation’s Registered Supplier of the Year Award 2023. The organisation, which employs and trains many Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, is helping to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve cyber-security for both community and national interest.  

Kurt was previously chairperson of No Slavery Australia and deputy chairperson of Victims of Crime Assistance League. With Anēwan ancestry, Kurt’s energy and passion inspire everyone around him.