Kimbarlie O'Reilly

Domestic violence survivor, advocate

VIC Nominee Australian of the Year 2022

Kimbarlie (Kim) O’Reilly almost lost her life due to a former partner’s violence. The horrific assault hospitalised Kim, leaving her with PTSD and ongoing physical issues. At the same time, her abuser was supported by the local football club, allowing him to play while on bail and facing charges for the assault.

The club’s decision was a catalyst for Kim to act. She is campaigning for a national policy to ban players from sport while facing charges of violence, and for convicted players to be banned from clubs altogether.

Kim’s campaign ‘It’s never OK’ invites sporting clubs to step up and take a stand against violence. By June 2021, five of the 15 sporting clubs in the Mildura region had already signed their names on the ‘no violence tolerance’ policy.

Kim was also invited to Parliament House to discuss this policy. Her courageous response gives strength and hope to all those affected by domestic violence.