Juliette Wright OAM

Social entrepreneur

2015 Local Hero

Driven and inspired, Juliette Wright is on a mission to alleviate the effects of poverty across Australia.  Establishing an online platform in 2009 to connect those who have with those who need, Juliette is changing the face of how society helps its most vulnerable and marginalised people.  Founder and Chief Executive Officer of GIVIT, Juliette created the portal to ensure quality goods get to where they are most needed by safely connecting and inspiring an online network of givers. Juliette’s vision, hard work and determination have resulted in donations of hundreds of thousands of items to disadvantaged members of the Australian community. Juliette’s passion is supporting each community by ensuring local donors give to local residents in need.  In 2011, when Queensland was hit by devastating floods, GIVIT became the state government’s official website for matching donors and recipients – with 1.8 million hits resulting in 33,500 goods matched in three weeks.  Juliette's positive ‘can do’ attitude inspires others to embrace philanthropy and she has just launched GIVIT Kids, a safe online platform for children to give new or pre-loved belongings.