Julie Armstrong

Founder, ACT for Bees

2024 ACT Local Hero Nominee

Julie Armstrong has spent the past decade advocating on the vital role of bees and other pollinators in our food and environmental systems. 

Julie founded ACT for Bees in 2014 to help reduce the human impact on declining bee and other insect populations. Her work has led to policy changes and driven on-ground achievements within the ACT and surrounding region. 

A gifted communicator, she has built strong relationships with government, industry, peak body and community groups and the diplomatic community.  

ACT for Bees’ education curriculum, ‘Love food? Love bees!’, has reached more than 770,000 students.  

Julie has also provided important input on the ACT Government’s Urban Landscape Planting List, including information on flower times, nectar, pollen seed resources and foraging species. 

She has contributed thousands of unpaid hours at community events, advisory panels and meetings, raising awareness about pollinators and assisting communities to take effective action.