Julian Burton OAM

Charity founder

2010 SA Australian of the Year

In 2002, Julian Burton suffered life threatening third degree burns to his body from the Bali Bombings terrorist attacks. During his long rehabilitation and recovery, Julian was inspired to give back to the people and communities who gave their time, skills, and generosity in supporting not only himself, but many others less fortunate than him. From his personal experience, Julian knew burn injuries were devastating both emotionally and physically.

So in 2003 he was driven to found the Julian Burton Burns Trust. His research uncovered that burn injury is one of the top three causes of accidental death in children under five years of age and is one of the three most common injuries in Australia each year. Statistics show that two thirds of burn injuries are preventable. Today, with Julian’s guidance, passion and vision, the Julian Burton Burns Trust has become Australia’s first national community organisation solely committed to prevention, care and research associated with burn injury.