Julia Rollings

Foster carer

2020 ACT Local Hero

Julia Rollings has been a foster carer for over two decades – supporting 50 babies, children and young people through difficult periods of their lives. As a volunteer crisis carer, she often looks after infants who are medically fragile, withdrawing from drugs, or who have experienced significant trauma.

Julia's dedication and relentless passion for Canberra's most vulnerable children sees her spend up to months in hospital – caring for babies who may transition home to their birth families or to long term care. In 2009, she was awarded Barnardos ACT Mother of the Year Award for her work as a champion for children's rights.

Drawing on past experience in the out of home care sector, Julia supports other carers through her role on the Carer Wellbeing Sub-Committee. She has also held various volunteer positions within adoption support groups, including President of the Adoptive Families Association (ACT). An adoptive mother to seven children, Julia recorded her story in her book Love Our Way.