Joanne Cook

Founder and Executive Officer of the Tasmanian Recovery from Eating Disorders Foundation

2022 TAS Australian of the Year Nominee

Ten years ago, Joanne Cook established the Tasmanian Recovery from Eating Disorders Foundation (TRED), to support young Tasmanian men and women with eating disorders, and their families.

Previously diagnosed with an eating disorder (ED) herself, Joanne has a deep understanding of the many issues EDs can create. She’s never judged those affected, only sought to find effective ways to relieve the suffering and heartache.

Despite around one million Australians estimated to have an eating disorder, Tasmania’s clinical and support services are extremely limited. In 2017, TRED merged with The Butterfly Foundation, helping boost the state’s ability to deliver support.

Joanne often consults with professionals, giving them advice on EDs, an area that has often been disregarded and misunderstood. Among her achievements is the elevation of the voice of lived experience in ED treatment, recovery support and training and the establishment of Peer Support mentoring in Tasmania.

Her work has created a more capable and informed network of support for EDs in Tasmania – promoting recovery and saving lives.