Jeremy Hunt

Co-founder, The VacSeen Project

2023 QLD Young Australian of the Year Nominee

Jeremy Hunt co-founded The VacSeen Project in early 2021 to help homeless people access vaccines for free. 

The catalyst was when Jeremy, then a second-year medical student, became aware that a Brisbane homeless health service couldn’t afford flu vaccines for many patients. 

People experiencing homelessness face higher rates of illness, so Jeremy and some fellow students set about addressing this, founding The VacSeen Project and helping 200 people from marginalised groups receive a free flu shot within its first four months.  

Jeremy appreciated the need to take preventative medicine into non-medical settings. He subsequently led The VacSeen Project to deliver flu and COVID-19 vaccines through outreach programs, helping over 800 people access vaccines at more than 75 clinics.  

Through these clinics, weekly general health support initiatives and advocacy and education projects, the 70-strong volunteer team has spent 11,000 minutes of conversation with marginalised people about their health.