Jayden Sheridan

Founder, Gnarly Neighbours

2024 VIC Young Australian of the Year Nominee

Jayden Sheridan wanted to give his son better opportunities than he had.  

Seymour’s ‘king of the kids’ has come a long way from a troubled childhood. As a teenager, Jayden experienced homelessness and substance abuse – but the skateboard park was always a safe place to escape to.  

When he discovered he was going to be a father at just 17, Jayden realised things needed to change. 

In 2021, Jayden started Gnarly Neighbours, a not-for-profit youth group in Seymour. The group gives free skateboarding lessons and provides creative workshops to young people. Its aim is to foster community building, inspire creativity and individuality and encourage safe risk-taking behaviour.  

The group also has its own streetwear label, which children can get involved with to learn about design. 

Jayden was chosen as one of ABC Heywire’s 2022 Trailblazers. He’s now formalising his workshops so they can be run in other disadvantaged rural towns.