Jay Chipman

Founder of Homely Retreats

2022 TAS Local Hero Nominee

Jay Chipman faced a battle with cancer in 2014–15, spending almost a year in hospital while raising her two young children. It’s from that experience that she recognised the importance of quality family time and established Homely Retreats in 2018 – a respite service for Tasmanians affected by cancer.

Thanks to Homely Retreats, families with a parent undergoing cancer treatment can enjoy a complimentary weekend holiday experience to rest and reconnect.

With limited respite services in the mainland states and long waiting times of up to five years, Homely Retreats is currently the only source of respite for Tasmanians affected by cancer.

To support Homely Retreats, Jay has attracted several Tasmanian sponsors, including a local family who donate the use of their accommodation property near Port Arthur.

Jay has continued to build Homely Retreats for the Tasmanian community throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. She aims to expand the service nationally while also calling on the government to offer stronger mental health and family counselling support systems for those impacted by cancer.