Jaswinder Singh

Co-founder and secretary of Sikh Volunteers Australia

2022 VIC Local Hero Nominee

Guided by the Sikh philosophy of selfless service, or 'seva', Jaswinder Singh delivers food to disadvantaged groups – including international students, older people, single parents and people who are homeless – through Sikh Volunteers Australia.

Since its inception, Sikh Volunteers Australia has offered free food and support to individuals and communities most at need. This has included during major disasters such as the Victorian bushfires, the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and recent flooding in Victoria and New South Wales.

When COVID-19 struck Melbourne in March 2020, Jaswinder and his team of volunteers focused their efforts on helping people in need of food and other goods during lockdown restrictions. By the end of that year, Sikh Volunteers Australia had delivered more than 140,000 meals directly to people in need.

Through Sikh Volunteers Australia, Jaswinder galvanises and inspires individuals, communities and businesses to come together, volunteering their time, funds, food and acceptance to support anyone experiencing disadvantage and hardship.